24 November 2013

Following the success and popularity of the illustrations produced for the launch of the Cubes at the 100% Design show in September, London Cube Co has added silkscreen printed posters of the hand drawn bugs to their online store www.londoncubecompany.com.

The limited edition prints have been drawn by hand via stippling technique (shading using dots) by talented illustrator Rebecca Han for London Cube Co. The illustration style draws from the technique used for scientific representations of the natural sciences. The traditional silkscreen printing technique has been refined by London Cube Co to be able to print such fine details as the shading dots used for the bugs. The results are captivating as the fine detailed illustrations are transferred to the textured handcrafted paper. The Prints are available at London Cube Co’s online store.

For further information please contact:
Claretta Pierantozzi, Founder, tel. +44 207 697 0874, info[at]londoncubecompany.com